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Marked In Canada's marketing plan is a great way to keep your business thriving by letting you keep doing what your good at and leaving the marketing up to the ​professionals. 




Marked In Canada has many products to select from for your own marketing strategy​! ie Google Ads, Yard Signs, T-shirts and More!! 



Marked In Canada's mission is to keep our clients happy and stress free. We do this by providing the most ​innovative ideas for marketing to date. We have proven methods to get your business from 0 to 100 REAL FAST! Our clients have been so successful, they keep coming back year after year. Let us work for you!



Marked In Canada is constantly growing and building our company to bring success to us and our clients. We are continuously looking for new opportunities to give back the support we have been given to create a better experience for our customers. Please contact us if you have any ideas, concerns, or feedback that can help improve our service. 


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Frequently asked questions.

Reaching out to customers is the best way to build up your brand. This can be done by:
- Advertising
- Sales and Promotions
- Being Consistent
- Know Your Competitors
- Be Unique
- Provide Excellent Customer Service
- Promotional Gifts (t-shirts, key chains, stickers)
You can find promotional gifts at

Advertising can be very expensive, especially when you have competitive competition.
There are ways around wasting money on billboards, online or social media ads that don't seem to reach out to the customers you want. Promotional gifts are a great way to reach-out to customers without breaking the bank.

- T-shirts can be handed out with your logo or branding on it. People then wear the t-shirts that are seen by hundreds of other people in that group or locations. If people wear your logo then go hang-out with people with similar interest and go to a local mall or event. That is direct brand exposure at its best! (If 10 people with t-shirts goes out in the public and sees 100 people per person, that's 1000 views of direct positive adverting)

- Stickers are another great way of direct adverting. Sticker are cheap and sticky! people usually peel off the backing and stick it somewhere. With that knowledge customers can do the advertising for you!
Upload your logo and start advertising! Order your company stickers or t-shirts directly @ MARKED IN CANADA

Marked In Canada is felxable and has a soultion for all your marketing needs. No budget is to big or to small. For more information contact us.